Discover the features and benefits of the BiKube™.

Hands-free, enjoy the freedom to move around and stay active. Carry a plate from the micro-wave to the kitchen table is not a problem anymore. Open a cupboard, pour a coffee, empty the dishwasher, cook. And most of all, it is cool ! Your family and friends will want to try it too !


The Frame

This lightweight, modern frame has been specially designed by engineers to provide users with the support and stability needed to keep their hands-free. The wide front provides a lot of stability while still being narrow enough to go through tight spaces. The bottom front bent is what makes the device tip proof. The tail end slides under chairs to facilitate the transition on and off the device. While the middle section leaves a wide empty space to allow the users to propel themselves in all directions. The seat is also conveniently located just a few inches from the front of the device to ensure easy access to counters and tables.


The Shaft or Dropper Post

Developed using mountain bike technology and research, the dropper post allows the user to adjust the height of the seat and find the best height for their activity with the click of a button.

Whether in a low seated static position or higher position for walking the device is easily adjustable for maximum comfort and functionality. 


360° Caster wheels

These wheels are non-marring and non-scratching on a hardwood floor. They allow users to stride easily and without much effort which is ideal for those who have weaker leg strength. Foot locking is included to stabilize the transition onto the device and to provide added stability when in a static position.
These wheels also twirl in on themselves to allow users to easily maneuver itself in tight spaces or move laterally in front of your kitchen counter. 


The Seat (or Saddle)

Ah ah! We found the most comfortable maker of saddles on the market.  Fitted for a 90° upright and relaxed position. The Gel padding guarantees the highest standards of comfort. Because everyone is different, the good news is that the attachment on the post is standard, Therefore, you can adapt any seat available on the market.


Folding the BiKube™ is easy. Turn the ring and the device will fold flat for easy storage and fit in the trunk of the car.


Mouse over (or Right+Click) the BiKube to move it around and get a closer look!